Soul Salon


Soul Salon was born in July 2017 as a unique platform for the many amazing future oriented fashion & design brands out there and for the forward focused retailers, fashion professionals and media. Our aim is to tell the stories behind the exhibiting brands and to showcase how new concepts can be marketed in a commercial way.

At Soul Salon we feel a more sustainable fashion industry is crucial for the future of our planet whereas at the same time this should never compromise style, quality, creativity let alone fashionability. In that context we give visitors insights into the latest fabrics, materials, collections, retail concepts and more.  Expect from us the latest there is to know in terms of presentation, marketing and of course selling.

Soul Salon shows that the future of fashion starts today. It’s about brands & concepts in terms of latest technological advancements, sustainability, online-offline business models, upcycling, just to mention a few.

Right from its inaugural edition in July 2017 Soul Salon was welcomed by the fashion industry as a whole, from brands to buyers and from media to focus groups. Soul Salon is positioned as a complementary initiative, existing side-by-side with conventional fashion trade shows and exhibitions in Amsterdam. In the slip-stream we hope to contribute to a stronger positioning of Amsterdam as a trade center for the fashion industry – and its future in particular.

Feel free to contact us,  we are always happy to hear your feedback and warmly welcome ideas for partnerships, cooperations or any other initiative helping us achieve our ambitious goals in, with and for the fashion industry! Visit our website te learn more.



telefoonnr  +31 (0) 20 21 00 246

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